Kultur und Kollektiv / Cultural Studies

Baldauf, Ana-Lucia

Ana-Lucia Baldauf (PhD) lives in Berlin and works in international marketing.


Falb, Daniel

Daniel Falb (PhD) is a freelance author and lives in Berlin. His research interests lie in the field of geophilosophy, radical ecology and art theory.


Forschungsstelle Kultur- und Kollektivwissenschaft

Forschungsstelle Kultur- und Kollektivwissenschaft, Universität Regensburg, Germany


Frauen, Wulf

Wulf Frauen (PhD) is currently employed by the SFB "Ressource Cultures" of the University of Tübingen and conducts research in and about southeastern Iran. The student of Professor Andre Gingrich received his PhD at the University of Vienna for a research...


Hansen, Klaus P.

Klaus P. Hansen , born 1942, is a professor emeritus of American Studies at the University of Passau. To promote collective research, he founded the Hansen Foundation in 2003 and since 2013 is heading the Cultural and Collective Science Research Center at...


Hildebrand, Marius

Marius Hildebrand (PhD), sociologist, researches at the University of Hamburg. Besides populism and the theory of hegemony his main research focuses lie in social theory, cultural studies, theories of democracy, political theory, and the history of ideas.


Kopp, Magdalena

Magdalena Kopp, Regensburg, Germany

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