Postcolonial Studies / Cultural Studies

Albrecht, Monika

Monika Albrecht (apl. Prof. Dr.) teaches cultural studies at the University of Vechta (Germany). Her research interests are comparative postcolonial studies (Western, Soviet and Ottoman imperialism), memory studies and memory politics.


Alkin, Ömer

Ömer Alkin is a media and cultural studies scholar, filmmaker and lives in Cologne and in the Ruhr area. In addition to numerous activities in the fields of interculturality, audiovision and digitisation, he is also employed at the...


Assefa, Getachew

Getachew Assefa (PhD), born in 1973, is associate professor of law at Addis Ababa University. He has published widely on issues related to minority rights, federalism and constitutional litigation, and legal pluralism. His areas of interest include...


Attia, Iman

Iman Attia (PhD), racism and migration research, Alice Salomon University of Applied Sciences, Berlin.


Auer Borea, Gertraud

Gertraud Auer Borea, Bruno Kreisky Forum Wien, Austria


Axster, Felix

Felix Axster received his PhD from the University of Cologne where he was scientific assistant at the research school »Medien und kulturelle Kommunikation«. For a few years now he is scientific assistant at the Zentrum für Antisemitismusforschung...


Bahrs, Karoline

Karoline Bahrs, University of Pittsburgh/PA, USA

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