Linzer Beiträge zur Kunstwissenschaft und Philosophie / Art and Visual Studies

Allerstorfer, Julia

Julia Allerstorfer (Dr. phil.) is assistant professor of art studies at the Department of Art History and Theory, Faculty for Philosophy and Art Studies at Catholic Private University Linz.


Boelderl, Artur R.

Artur R. Boelderl , born 1971, Adjunct Associate Professor of Philosophy at the University of Klagenfurt (AAU), Austria, is Senior Scientist in the research project MUSIL ONLINE - Interdiscursive Commentary and member of the Editorial Board of RISS....


Buchner, Maximiliane

Maximiliane Buchner is art historian and scientific researcher at the Catholic Private University Linz, Austria. Her research focuses on sacred architecture in the Modernity, artist's residences in a transnational context and 19th Century art and...


Gottschlich, Max

Max Gottschlich , born in 1979, is Assistant Professor of Philosophy at the Catholic Private University Linz, Austria.


Grotz, Stephan

Stephan Grotz, Katholische Privat-Universität Linz, Austria


Hofer, Michael

Michael Hofer, Catholic-Theological Private University Linz, Austria


Keim, Christiane

Christiane Keim is a lecturer of art history at the University of Bremen and an associated scientist at the "Mariann Steegmann Institut. Art & Gender", Bremen.

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