Pursuit of Meaning

Advances in Cultural and Cross-Cultural Psychology

The fields of cross-cultural and cultural psychology both acknowledge the role of `culture' for the constitution of a meaningful practice. There are notable differences as well as remarkable commonalities between nomologically oriented cross-cultural psychology on the one hand and interpretive cultural psychology on the other. Contributions to this book discuss recent theoretical and methodological approaches from both fields in order to explore their joint potential for an advancement of the concept of culture, for the theoretical conceptualization and methodical completion of comparative cultural studies and the scientific understanding of cultural difference.

This volume includes contributions by Ernest E. Boesch, Kenneth J. Gergen, Rom Harré, Gustav Jahoda and Jaan Valsiner.

Overview Chapters

  1. Frontmatter

    Seiten 1 - 4

    Seiten 5 - 8

    Seiten 9 - 10
  4. Psychology, Culture, and the Pursuit of Meaning: an Introduction

    Seiten 11 - 20
  5. Glimpses of the Past and Current Perspectives

    From Cognition to Culture: Cultural Psychology and Social Constructionism as Post-Cognitivist Movements in Psychology

    Seiten 21 - 44
  6. Whither Cross-Cultural Psychology?

    Seiten 45 - 58
  7. A Meditation on Message and Meaning

    Seiten 59 - 82
  8. Understanding as Relationship: Cultural Psychology in Global Context

    Seiten 83 - 102
  9. Analyzing Social Interactions in a 'Glocal' Society: Problems and Possibilities of a Cultural Psychology

    Seiten 103 - 128
  10. Culture and the 'Dialogical Self': Toward a Secular Cultural Psychology of Religion

    Seiten 129 - 152
  11. Universals and the Psychology of Music: An Exemplar for Cultural Studies

    Seiten 153 - 162
  12. Methodology and Comparison

    Understanding Cultural Differences: Relational Hermeneutics and Comparative Analysis in Cultural Psychology

    Seiten 163 - 214
  13. Historically Structured Sampling (HSS): How can Psychology's Methodology Become Tuned in to the Reality of the Historical Nature of Cultural Psychology?

    Seiten 215 - 252
  14. Beyond the Dilemma of Cultural and Cross-Cultural Psychology: Resolving the Tension between Nomothetic and Idiographic Approaches

    Seiten 253 - 268
  15. The Solution of Fundamental Methodological Problems in Cross- Cultural Psychology by Guaranteeing the Equivalence of Measurements

    Seiten 269 - 292
  16. Methods and Instruments

    Quantitative and Qualitative Cross-Cultural Comparison: The Role of Cultural Metrics

    Seiten 293 - 318
  17. Exploring Intercultural Learning: Potential and Limits of the Structure Formation Technique

    Seiten 319 - 350
  18. How to Orient Yourself in Balinese Space: Combining Ethnographic and Psychological Methods for the Study of Cognitive Processes

    Seiten 351 - 376
  19. Rituals of Manliness in Western Films of the 90's: Psychoanalysis as a Method of Cultural Comparison

    Seiten 377 - 392
  20. Self and Development in Culture

    Negotiating the Middle Ground Between the Ostensible and Shared Horizons: A Dynamic Approach to Cross-Cultural Communication about Human Development

    Seiten 393 - 434
  21. Ethnic Self-Understanding: Ethnic Cultural Psychology as an Action toward Culture and Ethnicity

    Seiten 435 - 464
  22. Cultural Values Regarding Children and Family: The Cultural Meaning of Parent-Child Relationships

    Seiten 465 - 494
  23. Development as Enculturation and Active Formation Revisited

    Seiten 495 - 514
  24. Authors

    Seiten 515 - 518
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Jürgen Straub

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Barbara Zielke, Technische Universität Chemnitz/Hamburger Fernhochschule/Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt, Deutschland/Österreich

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Pursuit of Meaning Advances in Cultural and Cross-Cultural Psychology
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27 March 2006
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