Dancing Youth

Hip Hop and Gender in Late Socialist Vietnam

Breaking, popping, locking, waacking, and hip-hop dance are practiced widely in contemporary Vietnam. Considering the dance practices in the larger context of post-socialist transformation, urban restructuring, and changing gender relations, Sandra Kurfürst examines youth's aspirations and desires embodied in dance. Drawing on a rich and diverse range of qualitative data, including interviews, sensory and digital ethnography, she shows how dancers confront social and gender norms while following their passion. As a contribution to area and global studies, the book illuminates the translocal spatialities of hip hop, produced through the circulation of objects and the movement of people.

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21 October 2021, 276 pages
ISBN: 978-3-8376-5634-3

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Sandra Kurfürst

Sandra Kurfürst, Universität zu Köln, Deutschland

1. Why did you chose this topic?

Since the beginning of my long-term research on public spaces in 2007, I have been fascinated with young people dancing on the streets of Hanoi. I was particularly struck by women hip hop artists, since the hip hop genre is generally considered masculine, occurring in men's spaces. However, as a female participant to this research rightfully pointed out: »I don't think it's about young women, but about people who want to enjoy their life and develop themselves (...).«

2. What new perspectives does your book offer?

The book focuses on urban youth and their aspirations in life. It discusses youth as a relational, dynamic and constantly shifting social category. Moreover, it has a particular take on gender, discussing young women's hopes and desires embodied in dance.

3. What makes your topic relevant for current research debates?

While there is a vast body of literature on socio-economic transformation in Vietnam, studies of youth and popular culture are rather rare. Accordingly, the book topic relates to current debates on changing gender relations in contemporary Vietnam, on transnational flows of music and arts, and Southern theory. Methodologically, the topic builds on sensory and digital ethnography.

4. Choose one person you would like to discuss your book with!

Asia One.

5. Your book summary in one sentence:

The book analyses dance practices in Vietnam within larger contexts of socioeconomic transformation, urban restructuring, and changing gender relations.

Sandra Kurfürst
Book title
Dancing Youth Hip Hop and Gender in Late Socialist Vietnam
transcript Verlag
kart., Dispersionsbindung, 20 SW-Abbildungen
Commodity Group
SOC022000 SOC026000
Release date
21 October 2021
Gesellschaft, Kultur, Globalisierung, Tanz, Soziale Ungleichheit, Popkultur, Musik
Sociology, Social and Cultural Anthropology, Southeast Asian Studies, Urban Studies
The book will also be of interest to practitioners of hip hop.
Dance, Youth, Vietnam, Gender, Hip Hop, Southeast Asia, Urban Culture, Post-Socialist, Society, Globalization, Culture, Sociology of Culture, Popular Culture, Cultural History, Sociology

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