Journal of Cultural Management and Cultural Policy/Zeitschrift für Kulturmanagement und Kulturpolitik

Vol. 7, Issue 1: Digital Arts and Culture – Transformation or Transgression?

The Journal of Cultural Management and Cultural Policy offers international perspectives on a wide range of issues in cultural management and cultural policy research and practice. This issue examines the effects digitization and digitalization have had on discourses, research designs, and processes of artistic production, distribution, and reception. Dealing with digital phenomena reconfigures social patterns of action, thinking, and organization in the arts and cultural sectors. These sectors are changing profoundly and rapidly, and with them their networks, audiences, the conditions of work and consumption. These issues are particularly acute during the ongoing COVID 19-pandemic with serious effects on the arts and cultural fields, showing the possibilities, but also the limits, of digitalization and digitization in the cultural sector. The authors discuss the challenges and opportunities digitalization and digitization imply for cultural management and cultural policy.

Overview Chapters

  1. Titel

    Seiten 1 - 4
  2. Contents / Inhalt 2021/1

    Seiten 5 - 8
  3. Introduction / Einleitend

    Digitization and Digitalization – Where we come from

    Seiten 9 - 22
  4. Essays

    On Digital Artworks and Their Distribution and Preservation Infrastructures / Über digitale Kunstwerke und ihre Verteilung und Bewahrungsinfrastrukturen

    Seiten 25 - 42
  5. Digital platforms as Facilitators of Dialogic Co-Creation of Displaced Object Biographies / Digitale Plattformen als Vermittler von dialogischer Ko-Kreation verdrängter Objektbiografien

    Seiten 43 - 58
  6. Recommendations are Golden – Referral Marketing via Influencers for Arts and Cultural Organizations / Recommendations are Golden – Empfehlungsmarketing über Influencer für Kunst- und Kultureinrichtungen

    Seiten 59 - 76
  7. Research Article / Wissenschaftlicher Beitrag

    Zentrale Qualitätsmerkmale von erfolgreichen YouTube-Kanälen bildender Künstler und Künstlerinnen und DIY-Musiker und -Musikerinnen /

    Seiten 79 - 114
  8. Case Studies

    Vorstellungsänderung – Co-Creation in digitalen Theaterformaten. Eine Fallstudie /

    Seiten 117 - 136
  9. Missing the Audience. Online Musicking in Times of COVID-19 / Missing the Audience. Online Musicking in Times of COVID-19

    Seiten 137 - 150
  10. Further Research Article / Weiterer Wissenschaftlicher Beitrag

    The EU's Dualistic Regime of Cultural Diversity Management The Concept of Culture in the Creative Europe Program (2014–2019; 2021–2027) and in the Strategy for International Cultural Relations (2016–) /

    Seiten 153 - 184
  11. Reviews / Rezensionen

    Digital Cultural Politics: From Policy to practice. Cham/CH (Palgrave Macmillan) 2020, 226 Seiten.

    Seiten 187 - 191
  12. Der Digitale Kulturbetrieb. Strategien, Handlungsfelder und Best Practices des digitalen Kulturmanagements. Wiesbaden (Springer Gabler) 2019, 466 Seiten und 74 Abb.

    Seiten 191 - 195
  13. Art and Postcapitalism: Aesthetic Labour, Automation and Value Production. London (Pluto Press) 2019, 148 Seiten.

    Seiten 195 - 200
  14. Museums and Digital Culture. New Perspectives and Research. Cham (Springer series on Cultural Computing), 2019, 589 Seiten.

    Seiten 200 - 206
  15. Journal of Cultural Management and Cultural Policy

    Seiten 207 - 210
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Constance DeVereaux

Constance DeVereaux, University of Connecticut, USA

Steffen Höhne

Steffen Höhne, Hochschule für Musik Franz Liszt Weimar, Deutschland

Martin Tröndle

Martin Tröndle, Zeppelin Universität Friedrichshafen, Deutschland

Marjo Mäenpää

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Journal of Cultural Management and Cultural Policy/Zeitschrift für Kulturmanagement und Kulturpolitik Vol. 7, Issue 1: Digital Arts and Culture – Transformation or Transgression?
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