Southeast Asian Transformations

Urban and Rural Developments in the 21st Century

Southeast Asia is one of the most dynamic regions in the world. This volume offers a timely approach to Southeast Asian Studies, covering recent transitions in the realms of urbanism, rural development, politics, and media. While most of the contributions deal with the era of post-independence, some tackle the colonial period and the resulting developments. The volume also includes insights from Southern India.

As a tribute to the interdisciplinary project of Southeast Asian Studies, this book brings together authors from disciplines as diverse as area studies, sociology, history, geography, and journalism.

Overview Chapters

  1. Frontmatter

    Seiten 1 - 4
  2. Contents

    Seiten 5 - 6
  3. Preface

    Seiten 7 - 8
  4. Navigating the urban rural frontier in Yogyakarta

    Seiten 9 - 24
  5. Sociology of development: sociology, development studies or already dead?

    Seiten 25 - 40
  6. Grow at home, buy local: (De)commodifying 'rural' vegetables and herbs

    Seiten 41 - 56
  7. Divisoria Night Café: Showcase of Public Space Renewal in Southeast Asian Urban Context

    Seiten 57 - 76
  8. Shifting Landscapes - Shifting Cultures in Xishuangbanna, Southwest China

    Seiten 77 - 90
  9. The moral space and the logic of collective self-organisation of domestic workers in Chennai, India

    Seiten 91 - 108
  10. Mobility, porosity and the peri-urban city in Vietnam

    Seiten 109 - 124
  11. Fertility Decline and the Role of Culture – Thailand's Demographic Challenges for the 21st Century

    Seiten 125 - 152
  12. Rural Access Denied or Difficult: Foreign News Journalists from Germany Face Obstacles in Reporting about the "Rohingya" Conflict in Myanmar's Northern Rakhine State

    Seiten 153 - 170
  13. Thailand's Flawed 2019 Election Confirms the Country's Deep Political Divide

    Seiten 171 - 188
  14. Building integration platforms in multiethnic Malaysia: A tribute to ideas and contributions of Professor Ruediger Korff

    Seiten 189 - 200
  15. Engaged Anthropology and an Ethnographic Approach to Community Development: A Case Study from Tamil Nadu

    Seiten 201 - 218
  16. Continuity and change: Transformations in the urban history of Phnom Penh, Cambodia

    Seiten 219 - 238
  17. From Rangoon College to University of Yangon – 1876 to 1920

    Seiten 239 - 258
  18. The Changing Social and Religious Role of Buddhist Nuns in Myanmar: A case study of two nunneries (1948-2010)

    Seiten 259 - 272
  19. From trading post to town: some notes on the history of urbanisation in Far Eastern Indonesia c. 1800-1940

    Seiten 273 - 288
  20. List of Authors

    Seiten 289 - 294
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23 July 2020, 294 pages
ISBN: 978-3-8376-5171-3

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Sandra Kurfürst

Sandra Kurfürst, Universität zu Köln, Deutschland

Stefanie Wehner

Stefanie Wehner, Universität Passau, Deutschland

1. Why did You chose this topic?

The title of the book captures the ongoing socioeconomic, political and cultural transformation of the Southeast Asian region. Most edited volumes on Southeast Asia take a historical perspective. This volume offers insights into contemporary dynamics, while featuring contributions on the colonial era, too.

2. What new perspectives does your book offer?

The book features chapters on several Southeast Asian countries, Myanmar, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Southern China and Southern India.

3. What makes your topic relevant for current research debates?

While area studies have previously focused on rural areas, urban areas and the interfaces between the rural and the urban have long been neglected.

4. Choose one person you would like to discuss your book with!

Hans-Dieter Evers.

5. Your book summary in one sentence:

The volume provides fresh insights into debates of development with a regional focus on Asia.

Sandra Kurfürst / Stefanie Wehner (eds.)
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Southeast Asian Transformations Urban and Rural Developments in the 21st Century
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kart., Dispersionsbindung, 13 SW-Abbildungen
Commodity Group
SOC026030 SOC026000 SOC015000
Release date
23 July 2020
Kultur, Raum, Stadt
Area Studies, Urban Studies, Sociology, Geography, History
Southeast Asia, Urbanism, Development, Communication, Culture, Space, City, Urban Studies, Social Geography, Ethnology, Sociology

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