Being a Parent in the Field

Implications and Challenges of Accompanied Fieldwork

How does being a parent in the field influence a researcher's positionality and the production of ethnographic knowledge?

Based on regionally and thematically diverse cases, this collection explores methodological, theoretical, and ethical dimensions of accompanied fieldwork. The authors show how multiple familial relations and the presence of their children, partners, or other family members impact the immersion into the field and the construction of its boundaries.

Female and male authors from various career stages exemplify different research conditions, financial constraints, and family-career challenges which are decisive for academic success.

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25 September 2020, 294 pages
ISBN: 978-3-8394-4831-1
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Fabienne Braukmann

Fabienne Braukmann, Universität Köln, Deutschland

Michaela Haug

Michaela Haug, Universität Köln, Deutschland

Katja Metzmacher

Katja Metzmacher, Universität Köln, Germany

Rosalie Stolz

Rosalie Stolz, Universität Heidelberg, Deutschland

»›Being a Parent in the Field‹ offers an important reminder and therefore, is a welcomed contribution to the methodological and epistemological discussions around the making of ethnography, one that should be read in ethnographic methods courses.«
Konstanze N'Guessan,, 17.07.2021
»The edited volume is an interesting reading for anyone interested in ethnographic research methodology. It is particularly useful for anyone planning to conduct accompanied fieldwork.
Since the book is particularly clearly written, it can be recommended not only to researchers but also to students.«
Mari Korpela, Anthropos, 116 (2021)
»[The book] is not only a must-read for young scholars, to prepare them for potential future fieldwork scenarios, but it also contributes to the disciplines joint effort to pave the way for smoother and more flexible life and research styles.«
Anna-Maria Walter (University of Oulu, Finland), Allegra Lab, 21.05.2021
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Being a Parent in the Field Implications and Challenges of Accompanied Fieldwork
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25 September 2020
Gesellschaft, Familie, Wissenschaft
Social and Cultural Anthropology, Ethnology, European Ethnology, Social Sciences, Humanities, Cultural Studies, Area Studies, Geography, Gender Studies
Accompanied Fieldwork, Children, Ethnography, Family, Methodology, Society, Science, Ethnology, Cultural Anthropology, Sociology of Family, Gender Studies

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