Material Cultures of Psychiatry

In the past, our ideas of psychiatric hospitals and their history have been shaped by objects like straitjackets, cribs, and binding belts. These powerful objects were often used as a synonym for psychiatry and the way psychiatric patients were treated, yet very little is known about the agency of these objects and their appropriation by staff and patients. By focusing on material cultures, this book offers a new perspective on the history of psychiatry: it enables a narrative in which practicing psychiatry is part of a complex entanglement in which power is constantly negotiated. Scholars from different academic disciplines show how this material-based approach opens up new perspectives on the agency and imagination of men and women inside psychiatry.

Overview Chapters

  1. Frontmatter

    Seiten 1 - 4

    Seiten 5 - 7
  3. Aktion #1246a

    Seiten 8 - 9
  4. Material Cultures of Psychiatry

    Seiten 10 - 29
  5. Pat. No. 25682

    Seiten 30 - 40
  6. I. Scenography and Space

    Oil on Canvas: An Isolation Cell Constructed by the k.k. Hofoperntheater for the Asylum

    Seiten 42 - 43
  7. Silent "Night of Madness"? Light, Voice, Sounds, and Space in the Illenau Asylum in Baden between 1842 and 1910

    Seiten 44 - 73
  8. "Le cabanon du fou": Uses of the Shed As a Confinement Device for the Insane in French Rural Households in the 19th Century

    Seiten 74 - 95
  9. "Amongst the Most Important of the Agencies": Materializing "Nature" at the American Lunatic Asylum

    Seiten 96 - 115
  10. Have a Seat!: Approaching the Object of the Chair at the Site of Psychiatry

    Seiten 116 - 136
  11. II. Transforming Practices

    Have a Seat

    Seiten 138 - 139
  12. The Fabric of Seclusion: Textiles As Media of (Spatial) Interaction in Isolation Cells of Mental Hospitals

    Seiten 140 - 157
  13. Theories of the "Savage": The Material Varek (Seagrass) As a Bearer of Meaning in Psychiatry around 1900

    Seiten 158 - 183
  14. Untitled

    Seiten 184 - 185
  15. The Uses and Misuses of Television in Long-Stay Psychiatric and "Mental Handicap" Wards, 1950s–1980s

    Seiten 186 - 201
  16. Buttons and Stimuli: The Material Basis of Electroconvulsive Therapy As a Place of Historical Change

    Seiten 202 - 224
  17. III. Agents of Healing


    Seiten 226 - 227
  18. "The Magical Device": Temple Grandin's Hug Machine

    Seiten 228 - 255
  19. The Piano in the Asylum and the Insanity of the Composer: Two Variations on a Theme (with Interlude)

    Seiten 256 - 281
  20. The Effectiveness of Symbols: Psychogeographic Explorations of the Body

    Seiten 282 - 296
  21. IV. Bodies, Senses, and the Self

    Loss of Identity

    Seiten 298 - 299
  22. Lives in Storage: Clothes and Other Personal Effects As a Way of Recovering Patients' Histories in a Psychiatric Hospital

    Seiten 300 - 333
  23. A Corridor That Moves: Corporeal Encounters with Materiality in a Mental Hospital

    Seiten 334 - 353
  24. Psychographics and the Materials of Time Measurement in Modern French Psychiatry

    Seiten 354 - 378
  25. V. Teaching Projects

    Artistic Research on Things in/of Psychiatry: An Interdisciplinary Teaching Project

    Seiten 380 - 385
  26. Cover, Rip Up, Unwrap: Scenes with Material from the Mental Asylum. A Documentary Theater Based on Medical Records

    Seiten 386 - 407
  27. Notes on Contributors

    Seiten 408 - 416
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2 November 2020, 416 pages
ISBN: 978-3-8376-4788-4

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Monika Ankele

Monika Ankele, Medizinhistorisches Museum Hamburg, Deutschland

Benoît Majerus

Benoît Majerus, Université du Luxembourg, Luxemburg

»The transdisciplinary project has succeeded: The result is an outstanding volume with original contributions that advances the history of psychiatry and is also recommended for all those who are interested in the multifaceted work of objects.«
Heniette Voelker, H-Soz-u-Kult, 30.04.2021, translated from German
Monika Ankele / Benoît Majerus (eds.)
Book title
Material Cultures of Psychiatry
transcript Verlag
kart., Klebebindung, 60 Farbabbildungen
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HIS054000 MED051000 PSY026000
Release date
2 November 2020
Medizin, Psychoanalyse, Kulturgeschichte
History, Art History, Cultural and Media Studies, Sociology, Psychology, Visual Science, Museology
Cultural History, Psychoanalysis, Medicine, History of Medicine, Medical Ethics, History

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