Energy and Forces as Aesthetic Interventions

Politics of Bodily Scenarios

This volume collects academic as well as artistic explorations highlighting historical and contemporary approaches to the ›energetic‹ in its aesthetic and political potential. Energetic processes cross dance, performance art and installations. In contemporary dance and performance art, energetic processes are no longer mere conditions of form but appear as distinct aesthetic interventions. They transform the body, evoke specific states and push towards intensities.

International contributors (i.e. Gerald Siegmund, Susan Leigh Foster, Lucia Ruprecht) unfold thorough investigations, elucidating maneuvers of mobilization, activation, initiation, regulation, navigation and containment of forces as well as different potentials and promises associated with the ›energetic‹.

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15 July 2019, 212 pages
ISBN: 978-3-8376-4703-7

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Sabine Huschka

Sabine Huschka, Universität der Künste Berlin, Deutschland

Barbara Gronau

Barbara Gronau, Universität der Künste Berlin, Deutschland

1. Why did You chose this topic?

Many people talk about energy conceptually, especially when it comes to qualifying performances, dance or theatre events. While in the 18th century emotion was regarded as the aesthetic force of art, today this force seems to be an ›energetic‹ quality. Yet, do we know what to perceive from the conception and observation of the ›energetic‹? What does its discourse entail? The volume focuses on energetic processes, which become perceivable via staged, experimental or choreographic arrangements.

2. What new perspectives does your book offer?

The energetic is the main focus of debate in the performing arts even above all other politics of perception and corporeality. This volume highlights practices that convert the body's gift of moving itself into an aesthetic work, following the intense desire for transgression, intensification and transformation. The contributions explore real strategies and utopian possibilities of the energetic as aesthetic interventions, which oscillate between critique and longing for transgression and harmony.

3. What makes your topic relevant for current research debates?

Talking about energy means considering a key cultural term. Especially in contemporary theatre, energetic processes form the very centre of artistic practice: Bodies and constellations are transformed through them, specific states and forces are evoked, and intensive effects are produced. As the energetic has rarely been developed as an aesthetic category in dance and theatre studies, this volume proposes new approaches, to reflect and analyze energetic qualities in their aesthetic potentials.

4. Choose one person you would like to discuss your book with!

Joseph Beuys & Jean-Luc Nancy.

5. Your book summary in one sentence:

This volume investigates the potential of the energetic and discusses concepts of this dazzling figure as aesthetic interventions in dance and theater.

Sabine Huschka / Barbara Gronau (eds.)
Book title
Energy and Forces as Aesthetic Interventions Politics of Bodily Scenarios
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kart., Dispersionsbindung, 4 SW-Abbildungen, 11 Farbabbildungen
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15 July 2019
Körper, Theater, Tanz, Ästhetik
Dance Studies, Theatre and Performance Studies, Cultural Studies, Philosophy, Aesthetics
Transgressions, Aesthetics, Energy, Performance, Dance, Theatre, Body, Theatre Studies

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