Size Matters – Understanding Monumentality Across Ancient Civilizations

When talking about monuments, size undeniably matters – or does it?

But how else can we measure monumentality?

Bringing together researchers from various fields such as archaeology, museology, history, sociology, Mesoamerican studies, and art history, this book discusses terminological and methodological approaches in both theoretical contributions and various case studies. While focusing on architectural aspects, this volume also discusses the social meaning of monuments, the role of forced and free labour, as well as textual monumentality. The result is a modern interdisciplinary take on an important concept which is notoriously difficult to define.

Overview Chapters

  1. Frontmatter

    Seiten 1 - 4
  2. Content

    Seiten 5 - 6
  3. Preface

    Seiten 7 - 10
  4. Introduction

    Seiten 11 - 14
  5. Part I. Theoretical Framework and Methodology

    Monuments and Monumentality - different perspectives

    Seiten 17 - 40
  6. Monumentality: Research Approaches and Methodology

    Seiten 41 - 64
  7. Perceiving monumentality

    Seiten 65 - 90
  8. Responses to the Theoretical Framework and Methodology

    Monumentalbaukunst - Architektur als erweiterter Denk- und Erfahrungsraum

    Seiten 93 - 98
  9. Monumentality in context - a reply from Egyptology

    Seiten 99 - 104
  10. Part II. Case Studies

    The Social Meaning of Big Architecture, or the Sociology of the Monumental

    Seiten 107 - 132
  11. Monumental Negligence: the Difference between Working and Alienated Labor

    Seiten 133 - 156
  12. Zerstörungswut - The Deliberate Destruction of MonuMentality in Ancient and Modern Times

    Seiten 157 - 170
  13. The operation of monumentality in low occupation-density settlements in prehistory: a regional scale view

    Seiten 171 - 192
  14. The Massif Rouge and Early Dynastic high terraces: Dynamics of monumentality in Mesopotamia during the 3rd millennium BCE

    Seiten 193 - 208
  15. La grandeur de Babylone: étude des inscriptions royales

    Seiten 209 - 222
  16. The monumental Late Antique cisterns of Resafa, Syria as refined capacity and water-quality regulation system

    Seiten 223 - 240
  17. Monumentality, Building Techniques, and Identity Construction in Roman Italy: The Remaking of Cosa, post-197 BCE

    Seiten 241 - 268
  18. Monumentality of the Landscape: the Coixtlahuaca Valley Archaeology and the Lienzo Seler II

    Seiten 269 - 290
  19. Monumentality by numbers

    Seiten 291 - 308
  20. Texts in the City: Monumental Inscriptions in Jerusalem's Urban Landscape

    Seiten 309 - 344
  21. Contributors

    Seiten 345 - 350
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23 September 2019, 350 pages
ISBN: 978-3-8376-4538-5

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Federico Buccellati

Federico Buccellati, Freie Universität Berlin, Deutschland

Sebastian Hageneuer

Sebastian Hageneuer, Universität zu Köln, Deutschland

Sylva van der Heyden

Sylva van der Heyden, Technische Universität Berlin, Deutschland

Felix Levenson

Felix Levenson, Freie Universität Berlin, Germany

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Size Matters – Understanding Monumentality Across Ancient Civilizations
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23 September 2019
Kulturgeschichte, Architektur, Erinnerungskultur
Archaeology, Museology, Ancient Studies, Art History, Sociology
Monumentality, Architecture, Energetics, Identity, Labour, Monument, Perception, Reception, Cultural History, Ancient History, History

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