This Is Not an Atlas

A Global Collection of Counter-Cartographies

This Is Not an Atlas gathers more than 40 counter-cartographies from all over the world. This collection shows how maps are created and transformed as a part of political struggle, for critical research or in art and education: from indigenous territories in the Amazon to the anti-eviction movement in San Francisco; from defending commons in Mexico to mapping refugee camps with balloons in Lebanon; from slums in Nairobi to squats in Berlin; from supporting communities in the Philippines to reporting sexual harassment in Cairo. This Is Not an Atlas seeks to inspire, to document the underrepresented, and to be a useful companion when becoming a counter-cartographer yourself.

Overview Chapters

  1. Frontmatter

    Seiten 1 - 4
  2. Table of Contents

    Seiten 5 - 10
  3. Introduction

    Editorial-This Is Not an Atlas

    Seiten 12 - 25
  4. Counter-Cartographies-The Insurrection of Maps

    Seiten 26 - 36
  5. Counter-Cartographies as a Tool for Action

    Mapping the Anti-Eviction Struggle in the San Francisco Bay Area

    Seiten 38 - 45
  6. A New Social Cartography

    Seiten 46 - 53
  7. A View from Above-Balloon Mapping Bourj Al Shamali

    Seiten 54 - 59
  8. Mapping Safe Passages

    Seiten 60 - 65
  9. Militarization of Rio de Janeiro's Favelas-Measuring Impacts on the Lives of Young Black Men and Women through Social Cartography

    Seiten 66 - 71
  10. Political Action Maps

    Seiten 72 - 75
  11. This Land Is Your Land

    Seiten 76 - 84
  12. Counter-Cartographies Tie Networks

    X-Ray of Soy Agribusiness in the Pampa and Mega-Mining in the Andes

    Seiten 86 - 91
  13. Mapping Global Environmental Conflicts and Spaces of Resistance

    Seiten 92 - 97
  14. Collaborative Cartography in Defense of the Commons

    Seiten 98 - 101
  15. Knitted Flood Wall

    Seiten 102 - 108
  16. Counter-Cartographies Build Political Pressure

    Indigenous Cartography in Acre-Influencing Public Policy in Brazil

    Seiten 110 - 115
  17. Making Cartographies of Ourselves

    Seiten 116 - 119
  18. A Civic Mapping Project in an Indian Megacity The Uses and Challenges of Spatial Data for Critical Research

    Seiten 120 - 125
  19. Mapping Sexual Harassment in Egypt

    Seiten 126 - 129
  20. Untangling the Strategies of Capital-Towards a Critical Atlas of Ecuador

    Seiten 130 - 135
  21. A Students' Map for a Students' Building Working from within and beyond the Map

    Seiten 136 - 142
  22. Counter-Cartography Is Education

    Counter-Mapping for Resistance and Solidarity in the Philippines Between Art, Pedagogy and Community

    Seiten 144 - 151
  23. Mapping Inside (and Outside) the Classroom

    Seiten 152 - 157
  24. Protest Map, Cartoon and Propaganda

    Seiten 158 - 162
  25. How to Become an Occasional Cartographer

    Making Maps-A Visual Guide to Map Design with GPS

    Seiten 165 - 182
  26. Manual of Collective Mapping

    Seiten 183 - 204
  27. A Guideline for Solidary Mapping

    Seiten 205 - 210
  28. Counter-Cartographies Create Visibility

    Counter-Mapping Militant Research

    Seiten 212 - 221
  29. Mapping the Squatting Movement

    Seiten 222 - 227
  30. Emancipatory Mapmaking-Lessons from Kibera

    Seiten 228 - 233
  31. Mapping Postkolonial An Archive of Post/Colonial Traces, Layers and Spectres in Munich

    Seiten 234 - 239
  32. Open-Source Aerial Imagery as a Critique Tool The Extractive Geopolitics Project

    Seiten 240 - 243
  33. You Must Buy before You Can Fly-The Airport Malls

    Seiten 244 - 250
  34. Counter-Cartographies Show Spatial Subjectivity

    Visualizing the Counter-Narratives of Port Said

    Seiten 252 - 257
  35. Counter-Cartographies of Exile

    Seiten 258 - 263
  36. The Materiality Language of Cartography

    Seiten 264 - 269
  37. Imaging Homelessness in a City of Care. Participatory Mapping with Homeless People

    Seiten 270 - 275
  38. Tyneside's Skateworlds and Their Transformation- Production and Consumption of Participatory Post-Representational Cartographies

    Seiten 276 - 281
  39. Far Rock-AnneMarie's Mental Map of New York

    Seiten 282 - 284
  40. Counter-Cartographies as Self-Reflection

    Information Overload-From the Map to the Ground and Back

    Seiten 286 - 293
  41. C/Artographies of Positionality-Or How We Try to Situate Ourselves as a Working Group in Academia

    Seiten 294 - 299
  42. Deep Maps

    Seiten 300 - 306
  43. Counter-Cartographies as Critique

    Uneven Digital Geographies … and Why They Matter

    Seiten 308 - 315
  44. From Data Commons to (Critical) Cartography-Linking Data Sources for a Gender Street Map

    Seiten 316 - 321
  45. Towards unMaking maps-A Guide to Experiments in Paracartography

    Seiten 322 - 326
  46. This Is Not a Conclusion

    Discussing Counter-Cartographies

    Seiten 328 - 338
  47. Glossary

    Seiten 339 - 352
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26 September 2018, 352 pages
ISBN: 978-3-8394-4519-8
File size: 96.2 MB

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kollektiv orangotango+

kollektiv orangotango+, Berlin, Deutschland

1. Why a book on this subject?

All of us have been dealing with maps and collective forms of mapping for some time now, in very different forms and against very different personal, scientific and political backgrounds. This gave rise to the idea of bringing together contributions from the lively and diverse field of critical cartography and critical mapping in the form of a larger publication, and to make them accessible to a wider public.

2. What new perspectives does your book open up?

We think that the book has its strength in its thematic and geographical breadth and in the variety of methods and approaches that come together here. We hope and believe that the book encourages people to become active themselves.

3. What significance does the topic have in the current research debates?

Critical cartography and participatory methods have been increasingly discussed in recent years. We think that we can follow this up with our book and perhaps also provide new impulses here through the strong reference to practice.

4. With whom would you like to discuss your book?

We would like to discuss the book best with all those whose maps and projects are gathered here and with all those who feel compelled by this book to start mapping projects themselves. This is not an Atlas is supposed to be the beginning of further discussions and not the end.

5. Your book in one sentence:

This is not an Atlas, but a collection of critical maps, an invitation to critical cartography and critical mapping.

kollektiv orangotango+ (ed.)
Book title
This Is Not an Atlas A Global Collection of Counter-Cartographies
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26 September 2018
Globalisierung, Zeitdiagnose, Raum, Politik
Cartography, Geography, Art, Pedagogy, Education, Sociology, Ethnology, Post-Colonial Studies, Political Ecology, Urban Studies
Maps, Counter-Cartography, Global, Social Movements, Manual, Handbook, Space, Globalization, Politics, Social Geography, Cultural Geography, Geography

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