Shifting Baselines of Europe

New Perspectives beyond Neoliberalism and Nationalism

This book opens the often narrow discourse on the future of Europe and criticises the false dichotomy between nationalism on the one hand and a neoliberal version of Europe on the other. Existing emancipatory projects from across the continent are presented together with reflections on strategies to achieve a democratic Europe beyond the nation state: from the municipal level to the level of transnational media, from technology and counter-surveillance to the systemic change provided by the commons movement and more.

The shift towards a new way of thinking and doing politics is possible!

With contributions by Etienne Balibar, Ulrike Guérot, Gesine Schwan, Renata Avila, Barbara Spinelli, Andreas Karitzis, Lorenzo Marsili, Jonas Staal, among others, and interviews with city governors from Madrid to Naples.

"Anyone interested in survival in today's Europe, should read this book." (Srecko Horvat, Philosopher, DIEM25)

"The ideas and projects presented in this book are exactly what the debate on Europe needs right now." (Saskia Sassen)

Overview Chapters

  1. Frontmatter

    Seiten 1 - 4
  2. Contents

    Seiten 5 - 8
  3. Note from the editors

    Seiten 9 - 12
  4. Introduction

    Shifting the baselines

    Seiten 15 - 17
  5. Our European incapacity

    Seiten 18 - 25
  6. Our European capacity. Which Europe do we want? Rediscovering Hannah Arendt's concept of integral federalism

    Seiten 26 - 32
  7. Shifting Cities


    Seiten 35 - 36
  8. The magnet and the container. A transnational space of expression for "Cities of change" through Europe

    Seiten 37 - 41
  9. The cities want them in. For a revised common European refugee policy to revive the European Union

    Seiten 42 - 44
  10. Rebel cities are not utopia

    Seiten 45 - 48
  11. Institutions mean inertia

    Seiten 49 - 56
  12. Moment of confluence on the Atlantic coast

    Seiten 57 - 61
  13. This is how you win an election

    Seiten 62 - 69
  14. Forerunners of Italian municipalism

    Seiten 70 - 73
  15. Don't let them d(r)own

    Seiten 74 - 77
  16. Cities rejecting surveillance

    Seiten 78 - 82
  17. Shifting Media


    Seiten 85 - 86
  18. The Populist Challenge 2.0. How populism profits from social media

    Seiten 87 - 96
  19. Contesting the shrinking media space in Slovakia

    Seiten 97 - 100
  20. Fluid media landscapes

    Seiten 101 - 104
  21. Networked protest for a populist age

    Seiten 105 - 108
  22. Journalism in spite of everything Interview with Esther Alonso,

    Seiten 109 - 112
  23. We are the newcomers Interview with Ramy Al-Asheq, Abwab

    Seiten 113 - 118
  24. Our digitally mediated society

    Seiten 119 - 128
  25. Shifting Alliances


    Seiten 131 - 132
  26. A rigged economy in a rigged democracy

    Seiten 133 - 140
  27. Breaking with the rules that ruin the Union

    Seiten 141 - 146
  28. Social networks of influence in Europe - and beyond

    Seiten 147 - 157
  29. Learning from Syriza

    Seiten 158 - 166
  30. The commons as unifying political vision

    Seiten 167 - 173
  31. Instructions for building a pan-European movement

    Seiten 174 - 179
  32. Together means Razem

    Seiten 180 - 184
  33. The birth of a new civic platform in Romania

    Seiten 185 - 188
  34. The Rojava Revolution and the model of democracy without a state

    Seiten 189 - 192
  35. Works by Democratic Self-Administration of Rojava and Studio Jonas Staal. New World Summit Rojava (2015-2017)

    Seiten 193 - 199
  36. A revolution of life

    Seiten 200 - 204
  37. Annex

    Seiten 205 - 214
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27 May 2017, 212 pages
ISBN: 978-3-8376-3954-4

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Daphne Büllesbach

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»In sum, what is particularly convincing about the theme of this publication is that it releases the reader from a dichotomous discursive straightjacket. Instead of reproducing the binary discourse of being for or against, respectively in our out of Europe, it opens up alternative spaces and pathways for more creative political practices.«
Antje Scharenberg,, 8 (2017)
»The book proves that a shift towards a new way of thinking and doing politics is not only possible, but actually already happening.«, 8 (2017)
»This book is essential reading for anyone not just involved with European affairs, but concerned about the state of the EU and looking for the evidence that change is possible for the better.«
Tony Venables,, 6 (2017)
Reviewed in:
Commons Network Newsletter, 7 (2017)
P2 Foundation, 23.06.2017, Stacco Troncoso
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Shifting Baselines of Europe New Perspectives beyond Neoliberalism and Nationalism
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27 May 2017
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