Cultures of Computer Game Concerns

The Child Across Families, Law, Science and Industry

The same computer games are played by youths all over the world, and worldwide games become matters of concern in relation to children: worries rise about addiction, violence, education, time, and economy. Yet, these concerns vary depending upon where they are situated: in families, legal contexts, industry or science. They also play out differently across countries and cultures. This situated nature of computer game concerns is generally neglected. Not in this book: It gives a detailed mosaic of the complex and multiple everyday realities of computer game concerns in relation to children, as they are variably situated throughout society and across cultures.

Overview Chapters

  1. Frontmatter

    Seiten 1 - 4
  2. Inhalt

    Seiten 5 - 8
  3. Introduction: Computer Games and Children – Concerns, Infrastructures and Cultures

    Seiten 9 - 36
  4. Part I Industry Computer Game Concerns

    If {battleState = BattleState.standby}: Bringing the Gamer Into Play in Computer Game Development

    Seiten 39 - 66
  5. Safeguarding Children on the Online Gaming Platform MovieStarPlanet

    Seiten 67 - 76
  6. Children's Participation in the Development of Online Games

    Seiten 77 - 92
  7. Part II Legal Computer Game Concerns

    The Legal Framework for Computer Games and Child Protection in Germany

    Seiten 95 - 112
  8. The Political and Legal Basis for Labelling of Computer Games in Denmark

    Seiten 113 - 118
  9. Textual Co-Construction of Game and Player in German Rating Decisions

    Seiten 119 - 136
  10. The Privatization of Age Classification

    Seiten 137 - 148
  11. Prizes, Endorsements and Recommendations: Positive Regulation of Computer Games

    Seiten 149 - 162
  12. Part III Family Computer Game Concerns

    The Multiple, Volatile and Ambiguous Effects of Children's and Young People's Digital Play

    Seiten 165 - 184
  13. The Micro-Politics of Time in Young People's Talk About Gaming

    Seiten 185 - 204
  14. Parenting for Digital Literacy in Denmark and Germany: Between Techno-Invitationalism and Techno-Protectionism

    Seiten 205 - 230
  15. Between Fears and Needs for Information: German Parents' Computer Game Concerns

    Seiten 231 - 246
  16. And Yet Children Play: Echoing Voices of Computer Game Concerns in Barcelona

    Seiten 247 - 264
  17. Part IV Scientific Computer Game Concerns

    Does Exposure to Violence in Entertainment Media Make People Aggressive?

    Seiten 267 - 282
  18. Psychology's Multiple Concerns About Research on the Effects of Media Violence

    Seiten 283 - 294
  19. From Concerns About Addiction to the Internet Gaming Disorder Diagnosis1

    Seiten 295 - 310
  20. No Worries? Game Research in Denmark 1984-2014

    Seiten 311 - 326
  21. Concerned with Computer Games: A Collective Analysis of Being and Becoming Gamer in Denmark

    Seiten 327 - 348
  22. About the Authors

    Seiten 349 - 358
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Estrid Sörensen

Estrid Sörensen, Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany

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CHOICE, 56, 6 (2019)
Estrid Sörensen (ed.)
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Cultures of Computer Game Concerns The Child Across Families, Law, Science and Industry
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20 April 2018
Anthropology, Science and Technology Studies, Games Studies, Law, Psychology, Sociology, Educational Studies
Computer Games, Science & Technology Studies, Matters of Concern, Comparison, Denmark, Germany, Computer Game Violence, Computer Game Addiction, Media, Youth, Sociology of Science, Law, Media Studies

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