On the Threshold of Knowing

Lectures and Performances in Art and Academia

In this in-depth analysis of artistic and academic lectures and performances, Lucia Rainer features an innovative conceptual and methodological tool that augments Goffman's Frame Analysis with a praxeological perspective. This way, she gives profound insight into how knowledge – as a practice and a concept – is associated with clarity rather than truth. Based on four case studies – including John Cage's unpublished and unabridged audio recording of Lecture on Nothing – the study explores how the concept of lecture performances, which adheres to two frames that never entirely blend, provides a space to (re-)negotiate the artistic-academic relationship.

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7 April 2017, 228 pages
ISBN: 978-3-8376-3804-2

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Lucia Rainer

Lucia Rainer, Medical School Hamburg, Germany

...with Lucia Rainer

1. Why a book on this subject?

My research started from the observation that defined boundaries between social fields are increasingly becoming non-representative. And indeed, in the course of my empirical study, my hypothesis was acknowledged that interaction between oppositional fields results in reciprocal processes of redefinition. On account of this, my book raises the question of ownership, addressing where, how, and by whom social boundaries are being drawn.

2. What relevance does this subject have in the current research debates?

Regarding current artistic research debates, my book is – different to other studies – centered on the question of how knowledge practices reveal themselves between frame-dependency and frame-coalition. My empirical study highlights that artistic and academic praxis is in fact subject to processes of transformation, calling that, which counts as artistic, or rather academic, to succumb to variation.

3. What new perspectives does your book open up?

My empirical findings facilitate the emergence of a knowledge concept that – alluding to Ryle – is not only a social phenomenon that produces and reproduces itself, but – in addition – builds upon continual (re)negotiations that inevitably display themselves as »partial«. Building on this, knowledge emerges as a space of actual experience, which confronts apparent and gridlocked presumptions of what knowing is, or rather, what knowing might be.

4. Who would you preferably like to discuss your book with?

My study does not exemplify the application of theoretical considerations, but goes further in the sense that it provides a conceptual and methodological tool to gain insight into contingent knowledge practices that are difficult to grasp. Relying on Goffman's frame analytical approach, it would be extremely interesting to discuss my praxeological viewpoint with the author. Needless to say, this is no longer possible.

5. Your book in only one sentence:

My book bridges the gap between acts of lecturing and acts of performing, accommodating knowledge formation as subject to contestation irrespective of academic or artistic research positions.

Lucia Rainer
Book title
On the Threshold of Knowing Lectures and Performances in Art and Academia
transcript Verlag
kart., Klebebindung, 72 SW-Abbildungen
Commodity Group
PER003000 SCI075000
Release date
7 April 2017
Theater, Wissenschaft, Tanz
Performance Studies, Theater Studies, Dance Studies, Cultural Studies, Sociology
Lecture, Performance, Artistic Research, Knowledge, Frame Analysis, Erving Goffman, John Cage, Lecture on Nothing, Clarity, Truth, Dance, Science, Theatre, Sociology of Science, Theatre Studies

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