Community-Based Urban Violence Prevention

Innovative Approaches in Africa, Latin America, Asia and the Arab Region

Urban violence has become a major threat in big cities of the world. Where the orthodox protection through the police and individual target hardening remain inefficient, the population must organize itself.

This book contains first-hand accounts on a selection of the most innovative experiences in Africa, Latin America, Asia and the Arab region and is of interest likewise for academics and urban practitioners, policy makers, international cooperation experts or travelers preparing a visit of one of the affected countries.

With a preface by Caroline Moser.

Overview Chapters

  1. Frontmatter

    Seiten 1 - 4
  2. Contents

    Seiten 5 - 6
  3. Preface

    Seiten 1 - 4
  4. Setting the Context


    Seiten 6 - 23
  5. Violence, Cities, and Prevention: A Conceptual Framework for Reducing Violence in the Urban Realm

    Seiten 24 - 40
  6. Lessons Learnt from Africa

    Ethnopolitics, Fear and Safety in a Johannesburg Neighbourhood

    Seiten 42 - 61
  7. Land Transformation and Criminal Violence in Dandora Neighbourhood, Nairobi, Kenya

    Seiten 62 - 77
  8. Communities and the Prevention of Crime and Violence in Douala, Cameroon

    Seiten 78 - 97
  9. "There is no Justice in Guinea-Bissau" Strategies of Preventing, Handling, and Aggravating Conflicts in Local Dispute Settlement

    Seiten 98 - 116
  10. A Lesson from China

    Urban Violence and the Chinese State in the Post-Mao Reform

    Seiten 118 - 126
  11. Lessons Learnt from Latin America

    Local Civil Society and the New Puzzle of Violence in Central America

    Seiten 128 - 149
  12. Meanings and Practices of Non-violence

    Seiten 150 - 163
  13. Integrated Urban Upgrading and Violence Prevention in San Salvador Results of an Impact Evaluation

    Seiten 164 - 181
  14. Drug-Related Violence in Mexico: State and Community Responses. A qualitative Approach

    Seiten 182 - 200
  15. Youth and Gang Violence

    Youth as Key Actors in the Social Prevention of Violence

    Seiten 202 - 221
  16. Overcoming the Invisible Boundaries of an Informal Neighborhood: A Youth Initiative in Itagüi, Colombia

    Seiten 222 - 233
  17. Targeting Adolescence Vandalism in a Refugee Camp

    Seiten 234 - 266
  18. Alternative Approaches to Combat Urban Violence

    Religious Procession as a Mediator for Social Intimacy: Building Communal Harmony in Dharavi after the 1992 Mumbai Riot

    Seiten 268 - 279
  19. Violence and the Enchantment of Everyday Life in Johannesburg: Preliminary Insights

    Seiten 280 - 293
  20. Embracing the Complexity of Community Safety Challenges

    Seiten 294 - 306
  21. The Contributors

    Seiten 307 - 314
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6 October 2014, 314 pages
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Kosta Mathéy

Kosta Mathéy, Global Urban Institute, Berlin, Germany

Silvia Matuk

Silvia Matuk, Global Urban Institute, Berlin, Germany

Reviewed in:

Environment & Urbanization, 2 (2015), Mara Evangelina Filippi
Kosta Mathéy / Silvia Matuk (eds.)
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Community-Based Urban Violence Prevention Innovative Approaches in Africa, Latin America, Asia and the Arab Region
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6 October 2014
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Urban Studies, Sociology, Politics, Criminology, Urban Policy Makers, International Practitioners, Peace Building Experts
Urbanism, Violence, Peacebuilding, Safety, Community, GLOBUS, City, Urban Studies, Sociology of Crime, Sociology

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