Ageing and Technology

Perspectives from the Social Sciences

The booming increase of the senior population has become a social phenomenon and a challenge to our societies, and technological advances have undoubtedly contributed to improve the lives of elderly citizens in numerous aspects. In current debates on technology, however, the »human factor« is often largely ignored. The ageing individual is rather seen as a malfunctioning machine whose deficiencies must be diagnosed or as a set of limitations to be overcome by means of technological devices.

This volume aims at focusing on the perspective of human beings deriving from the development and use of technology: this change of perspective – taking the human being and not technology first – may help us to become more sensitive to the ambivalences involved in the interaction between humans and technology, as well as to adapt technologies to the people that created the need for its existence, thus contributing to improve the quality of life of senior citizens.

Overview Chapters

  1. Frontmatter

    Seiten 1 - 4
  2. Table of Contents

    Seiten 5 - 8
  3. All that Glitters is not Silver - Technologies for the Elderly in Context. Introduction

    Seiten 9 - 24
  4. Ageing, Technology and (Inter-)Personal Development: Old Agers as Technology Users

    Motives of the Elderly for the Use of Technology in their Daily Lives

    Seiten 27 - 46
  5. An Exploration of Mobile Telephony Non-use among Older People

    Seiten 47 - 66
  6. Older Women on the Game: Understanding Digital Game Perspectives from an Ageing Cohort

    Seiten 67 - 92
  7. Social Inclusion of Elderly People in Rural Areas by Social and Technological Mechanisms

    Seiten 93 - 118
  8. Ageing, Technology and Elderly Care: Assistive Technologies

    Skripting Age - The Negotiation of Age and Aging in Ambient Assisted Living

    Seiten 121 - 140
  9. Making Space for Ageing: Embedding Social and Psychological Needs of Older People into Smart Home Technology

    Seiten 141 - 162
  10. Seeing Again. Dementia, Personhood and Technology

    Seiten 163 - 182
  11. Enabling a Mobile and Independent Way of Life for People with Dementia - Needsoriented Technology Development

    Seiten 183 - 204
  12. Emotional Robotics in the Care of Older People: A Comparison of Research Findings of PARO- and PLEO-Interventions in Care Homes from Australia, Germany and the UK

    Seiten 205 - 224
  13. Policy making and Discourses of Ageing Policy making and Discourses of Ageing

    Navigating the European Landscape of Ageing and ICT: Policy, Governance, and the Role of Ethics

    Seiten 227 - 256
  14. Ageing and Technology Decision-making: A Framework for Assessing Uncertainty

    Seiten 257 - 270
  15. Aging and Technology: What is the Take Home Message for Newspapers Readers

    Seiten 271 - 290
  16. Towards an Ageless Society: Assessing a Transhumanist Programme

    Seiten 291 - 310
  17. Focusing on the Human: Interdisciplinary Reflections on Ageing and Technology

    Seiten 311 - 334
  18. List of Authors

    Seiten 335 - 340
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Emma Domínguez-Rué

Emma Domínguez-Rué, University of Lleida (Catalunya), Spanien

Linda Nierling

Linda Nierling, Karlsruher Institut für Technologie, Deutschland

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Ageing and Technology Perspectives from the Social Sciences
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