The Convergence of Art and Marketing in Contemporary Culture

This book offers a compelling perspective on the striking similarity of art and commerce in contemporary culture. Combining the history and theory of art with theories of contemporary culture and marketing, Maria A. Slowinska chooses three angles (space, object/experience, persona) to bridge present and past, aesthetic appearance and theoretical discourse, and traditional divisions between art and commerce. Beyond both pessimistic and celebratory rhetorics, »Art/Commerce« illuminates contemporary phenomena in which the aestheticization of commerce and the commercialization of aesthetics converge.

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8 September 2014, 288 pages
ISBN: 978-3-8376-2619-3

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Maria A. Slowinska

Maria A. Slowinska, London, United Kingdom

... with Maria Slowinska

1. 1. »Books that the world does not need to read.« Why is your book different?

I think books that encourage readers to question and evaluate their everyday reality by providing unusual perspectives on the culture we live in are always worth reading.

2. What new perspective does your book provide?

The book focuses on particular phenomena but provides a wide perspective. To develop a critical understanding of how art and commerce are converging, it is useful to look at scholarship from different fields, such as art history, marketing, aesthetics, critical theory and economics. It also helps to consider what we see today in the context of major social and cultural developments since WWII, and to concede that such developments aren't always chronological, but rather complexly interrelated.

3. How does your book influence contemporary research within this area of focus?

The book takes a strongly interdisciplinary approach and suggests that the much-criticized convergence of art and commerce is a two-way street. It is not just monetary interests that are making art more commercial and commerce more ›artistic‹. Aesthetic theory and practice are also engaging with commercial reality, actively breaking down traditional boundaries. What this means for the idea of autonomy – in art and more generally – is one of the core issues of contemporary culture.

4. Who would you want discuss your book with?

Readers with a keen observation and a critical mind who like to think about the world we live in and who have an interest in contemporary culture, art, the creative industries, and/or marketing aesthetics. People who think that while our contemporary reality is complex, endlessly layered, and ambiguous, it is still worth peeling away some of these layers to form your own critical opinion about what's going on.

5. Describe your book in one sentence:

Correlated thoughts on how and why art and commerce often look alike today and what this means for art and autonomy in contemporary culture.

Maria A. Slowinska
Book title
Art/Commerce The Convergence of Art and Marketing in Contemporary Culture
transcript Verlag
kart., Klebebindung, 36 SW-Abbildungen
Commodity Group
SOC026000 ART009000 SOC022000
Release date
8 September 2014
Kultur, Kunst, Wirtschaft
Cultural Studies, Art History, Philosophy, Aesthetics, Marketing Theory, Visual Arts, Cultural History, Philosophy of Art, Museum Studies, Communication Studies
Art, Marketing, Consumer, Culture, Branding, Arts, Economy, Consumption, Theory of Art, Popular Culture, Cultural Studies

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