Sound Worlds of Japanese Gardens

An Interdisciplinary Approach to Spatial Thinking

Michael D. Fowler presents an interdisciplinary approach to investigating the sound world of traditional Japanese gardens by drawing from the diverse fields of semiotics, acoustic ecology, philosophy, mathematical modelling, architecture, music, landscape theory and acoustic analysis. Using projects – ranging from data-visualisations, immersive sound installations, algorithmically generated meta-gardens and proto-architectural form finding missions – as creative paradigms, the book offers a new framework for artistic inquiry in which the sole objective is the generation of new knowledge through the act of spatial thinking.

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23 July 2014, 218 pages
ISBN: 978-3-8394-2568-8
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Michael D. Fowler

Michael D. Fowler, Berlin, Germany

... with Michael Fowler

1. »Books that the world does not need to read.« Why is your book different?

I believe that my book is unique because it seeks to present and engage with the semiotic structures, aesthetics and spatial qualities of traditional Japanese gardens in new ways.

2. What new perspective does your book provide?

My book offers a new perspective on the Japanese garden and how diverse research methods in art and science may be synthesized in order to investigate the Japanese garden as a type of spatial exemplar, both in its auditory and visual qualities.

3. How does your book influence contemporary research within this area of focus?

The theme of my book is significant in regard to the current discourses surrounding investigative methods used within art and design and those used within science. My book then highlights and develops myriad interdisciplinary approaches through case studies and creative project works that generate new knowledge through the use of both artistic and scientific research methods.

4. Who would you want discuss your book with?

I believe that the book will appeal to landscape architects, architects, soundscape researchers, artists, designers and scientists, though I would be particularly interested in discussing the book with artistically inclined scientists or scientifically inclined artists.

5. Describe your book in one sentence:

What happens when you have free reign to investigate the Japanese garden outside of the mutual exclusivity enforced on us by the notions the scientific and the artistic?

Michael D. Fowler
Book title
Sound Worlds of Japanese Gardens An Interdisciplinary Approach to Spatial Thinking
transcript Verlag
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Commodity Group
MUS020000 SOC026000
Release date
23 July 2014
Raum, Natur, Klang
Sound Studies, Landscape Architecture, Art, Design
Japanese Gardens, Soundscape Studies, Interdisciplinary Studies, Art, Sound, Space, Nature, Musicology, Cultural Studies

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