Spaces of the Poor

Perspectives of Cultural Sciences on Urban Slum Areas and Their Inhabitants

What do we know about the urban impoverished areas of the world and the living environment of its inhabitants? How did the urban poor cope with their surroundings? How did they interpret and adopt urban space in order to fight against their position at the periphery of society? This volume takes up these questions and investigates how far approaches of cultural sciences can contribute to overcome the »exoticization of the ghetto« (Loïc Wacquant) and instead to look at the heterogeneity and individuality behind the facades. It opens new perspectives for the research of poverty and inequalities that do not stop at collective categories.

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24 September 2013, 240 pages
ISBN: 978-3-8376-2473-1

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Hans-Christian Petersen

Hans-Christian Petersen, Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz, Deutschland

... with Hans-Christian Petersen

1. »Completely unnecessary!« – Why is that not true for your book?

Because the book opens new perspectives on poverty, and because poverty, precarisation and gentrificaton are not only historical processes, but also take place in the cities in which we live today.

2. Which new perspectives are opened through your book?

It challenges us to reconsider our familiar perceptions of poverty and the people who are affected by it. ›The poor‹ are not ›the others‹, but individuals who try to give their lives a meaning. The book raises the question which possibilities we have to do justice to these people instead of judging them blankly.

3. What's the book's possible impact on the current discourse on the topic it deals with?

The multidisciplinarity of this book is surely an advancement - scientists of different disciplines are brought together which provides an enlargement of perspectives. Furthermore the book does not only deal with examples of Western Europe, but at the same time with cities in Costa Rica, India and Russia. And all this is both historically sound and with reference to today's developments.

4. With which audience do you wish to discuss this book?

With everybody who is interested in getting into the topics. And with all those who fight against upgrading and displacement in the cities of today and/or are affected by it.

5. Your book in one sentence?

This is a book which is looking behind the facade of poverty and wants to encourage the reconsideration of present opinions.

Hans-Christian Petersen (ed.)
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Spaces of the Poor Perspectives of Cultural Sciences on Urban Slum Areas and Their Inhabitants
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24 September 2013
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History, Sociology, Ethnology, Indology, East European Studies
History, Slum, Poverty, Space, Culture, Urbanity, Social Inequality, Urban Studies, Social History, Sociology

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