Shaping a Humane World

Civilizations – Axial Times – Modernities – Humanisms

The generation of meaning is the primary precondition for acting and thinking. The essays in this volume contribute to a discourse on this matter with a decentred, globalized world in mind. The notions civilization, humanism and modernity – far from being exclusively Western ideas – may facilitate joint efforts of reflecting on the universality of current human conditions, particularly since such reflexion is possible from particular cultural perspectives. Modernity presents us with a second Axial Time in which the quest for a plural, but shared, humane world is the challenge.

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26 April 2012, 292 pages
ISBN: 978-3-8394-1941-0
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Oliver Kozlarek

Oliver Kozlarek, Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolás de Hidalgo, Mexiko

Jörn Rüsen

Jörn Rüsen, Universität Witten/Herdecke, Deutschland

Ernst Wolff

Ernst Wolff, University of Pretoria, Südafrika, und Kulturwissenschaftliches Institut Essen, Deutschland

... with Oliver Kozlarek, Jörn Rüsen and Ernst Wolff

1. Books the world doesn't need. Why is this not the case for your publication?

Sense generation is vital to all people, yet, in the global interconnectedness of divergent people, the means of inter-cultural sense generation remain unfairly distributed. This book provides a crucial interdisciplinary reworking of three terms that are essential components of a discourse that could oppose this dehumanization: civilization, modernity and humanism. This work of revitalization promotes an understanding of global modernity as a new, unfinished axial age, of which the collaborative potential still has to be negotiated.

2. Which novel points of view does your publication offer?

The notions of humanism, civilization and modernity, have all been accused of Eurocentrist violence. Taking full cognizance of such critiques, this volume sets out to develop the space for engaging different voices on humanity's common stakes, through the pluralization of humanisms, civilizations and modernities. Rather than being obstacles to the fair collaboration of people from divergent cultural origins, reflection on these notions provide invaluable opportunities for the collective creation of humane environments.

3. What is the significance of the subject in current debates?

The volume contains studies from leading experts in such significant debates as multiple modernities and axial times, the ›humanistic turn‹ in social sciences, cosmopolitanism, civilizations theory, and debates regarding Eurocentrism and post-coloniality. The individual contributions are coordinated in an original manner, so as to enforce the common ground of these debates.

4. With whom would you most like to discuss your publication?

Specialists of the humanities and social sciences are the primary audience of this book and the more divergent their background the better! We do not claim that academics and scholars speak for humanity. However, we do believe that the professionals of these sciences are strategically situated to influence the terms on which all people negotiate the challenges of living together as ›caught in the web of cultures.‹ For this reason, any person interested in the fate of humanity would find valuable reading in this book.

5. Your publication in one sentence:

Through careful study of strategic notions, a contribution can be made to facilitate a global, inter-cultural discourse on humanity.

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Shaping a Humane World Civilizations – Axial Times – Modernities – Humanisms
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26 April 2012
Kultur, Kulturgeschichte, Mensch
Cultural Studies, Philosophy, History, Oriental Studies, Ethics, Anthropology, Sociology
Civilization, Axial Age, Modernity, Humanism, Globalization, Culture, Cultural History, Human, Cultural Theory, Philosophy of Culture, Cultural Studies

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