Care in Practice

On Tinkering in Clinics, Homes and Farms

In what way is »care« a matter of »tinkering«? Rather than presenting care as a (preferably »warm«) relation between human beings, the various contributions to the volume give the material world (usually cast as »cold«) a prominent place in their analysis. Thus, this book does not continue to oppose care and technology, but contributes to rethinking both in such a way that they can be analysed together.

Technology is not cast as a functional tool, easy to control – it is shifting, changing, surprising and adaptable. In care practices all »things« are (and have to be) tinkered with persistently. Knowledge is fluid, too. Rather than a set of general rules, the knowledges (in the plural) relevant to care practices are as adaptable and in need of adaptation as the technologies, the bodies, the people, and the daily lives involved.

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27 May 2010, 326 pages
ISBN: 978-3-8376-1447-3

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Annemarie Mol

Annemarie Mol, Universität Amsterdam, Niederlande

Ingunn Moser

Ingunn Moser, University College Oslo, Norwegen

Jeannette Pols

Jeannette Pols, Universität Amsterdam, Niederlande

"A book that [...] entered into the debate at exactly the right moment."
Christoph Schneider/Bettina-Johanna Krings, Technikfolgenabschätzung - Theorie und Praxis [German scientific journal on technical assessment], 21/1 (2012)
"An interesting read not only for professionals but also for those affected and those critically questioning current care practices."
Sabine Plonz, DAS ARGUMENT [German bimonthly academic journal for philosophy and social sciences], 292 (2011)
»This book can be considered as an important contribution in the research of care in practice. It moves beyond theories of care by choosing practices as starting point to evaluate and improve theoretical insights. This approach is able to present new and surprising insights and for that it is valuable for every qualitative researcher in care practices.«
Elleke Landeweer, Medicine, Health Care & Philosophy, 3 (2011)
»This book illustrates an inspiring path towards the questions how care produces or creates its objects, bodies, patients and carers; and how care incorporates knowledge and technologies.«
Tom Bieling,, 16.09.2010
Reviewed in:

Medicine, Health Care & Philosophy, 3 (2011), Elleke Landeweer
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Care in Practice On Tinkering in Clinics, Homes and Farms
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kart., Klebebindung, 24 SW-Abbildungen
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27 May 2010
Medizin, Körper, Technik
Science and Technology Studies, Medical Anthropology, Medical Sociology, Nursing, Sociology of Agriculture, Anthropology of Agriculture, Ethics
Care, Technology, Health Care, Disabilities, Farming, Clinical Practice, Home Care, Medical Ethics, Care Ethics, Body, Medicine, Bioethics, Sociology

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